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The High-Tech B&Bs of Napa Valley

by WC STAFF on AUGUST 22, 2016

The bed and breakfast is an old concept, but locations around Napa Valley use modern amenities and innovative technology to breathe new life into this classic form of lodging. Here are eight spots that do something new without sacrificing the quaint, homey atmosphere that makes a bed and breakfast special in the first place.

Calistoga Napa St. Helena

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The Judgment of Paris: A Napa Valley Wine Tasting Guide

by WC STAFF on APRIL 25, 2016

The Judgement of Paris will always be seen as the turning point for the Napa Valley. This historic tasting not only garnered prestige for California wines, it also laid the foundation for a booming wine production business for the community in the Napa Valley. Tasting through the wineries that competed is a fun way to explore the Napa Valley and to pay tribute to the wines that changed history.

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The Most Luxurious Hotels in Napa Valley

by WC STAFF on APRIL 18, 2016

Down-to-earth luxury is what Napa Valley does best. Choose one of these elegant, deluxe hotels for your stay, and you’ll feel rested and ready to enjoy the rest of Napa Valley’s luxuries each morning.

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2-Day Oak Knoll Wine Tasting Guide

by WC STAFF on APRIL 12, 2016

he Oak Knoll District AVA is located at the south end of the Napa Valley floor. The 8,300 acre area is characterized by a cool, moderate climate due to its proximity to the San Pablo Bay and the coastal fog that blows in from the coast.

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11 Must-Stay Hotels in Napa

by WC STAFF on FEBRUARY 29, 2016

With so many wonderful and diverse places to stay in Napa, you may have to book more than one trip. Whichever you choose, it’s hard to go wrong.


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