It’s the Amazon Prime Day of Wine Sales


Okay people, mark yourself as "do not disturb" on the company calendar April 12-13, then surround yourself with snacks and get ready to experience the most exciting and profoundly deal-filled online wine-buying marathon ever.

With free shipping on every purchase—even just one bottle—this is the perfect opportunity to get all of your wine shopping for Spring and Summer knocked out in a single day, or restock your depleted wine rack.


Our sommelier friend Stefan Blicker has the job you want: He travels around the world tasting and buying great wines, then ships them back to his climate-controlled warehouse in Napa to sell them at bargain prices.

It's like having your own personal sommelier who tastes hundreds of wines for you, then hand-picks the ones he thinks you’ll love and sells it to you at way-below-retail prices.

He calls it Last Bottle Wines, because once the last bottle is sold, you’ll probably never see it for sale again. Best of all, it’s a free service - you don’t pay anything to join.


bottles of wine
Twice a year Stefan and his business partner Cory host a marathon sale, where they stay up for two days straight selling all their overstock inventory at market-crushing prices.

There's no advance notice on the wines for sell, so you’ll need to keep refreshing your browser to see a picture of what bottle of wine Stefan or Cory has in his hand (literally).

The Spring Madness Wine Marathon runs continuously until midnight on April 13, or when they run out of wine to sell—whichever comes first. Plus, FREE GROUND SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS in the contiguous U.S.



Here’s the drill: On April 12h, log on to the Last Bottle Wines website, then create a free account. Wines will start to appear at breakneck speed on the site, and will flip very quickly as they sell out. You'll need to keep hitting the "REFRESH" button on your browser to catch them all (the more you refresh, the more you will see, and some sell out in seconds), or this 2-second browser refresher.

Each wine you purchase (and you can purchase multiple bottles of the same wine) will be a single transaction—there is no cart saving your selections—so be sure to go through the entire purchase process on each wine order you make. It’s all first come, first served.

Right then, LET'S DO THIS!