Napa Valley Harvest Season: A Traveler’s Guide

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  • on AUGUST 17, 2015
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There is something in the air during Harvest Season in Napa Valley. Maybe it’s the smell of grapes being turned into wine or the buzz of the vineyard workers or the incoming of visitors at local Napa Valley hotspots. Every year from August through October, winemakers and vineyard workers race against nature to pick grapes at the peak of ripeness and get them into the fermenter, to start making wine.

Harvest is one of the peak seasons for travel to Napa Valley, mainly because there is so much to do. While visiting Napa Valley, make sure not to miss out. Make sure to take time to smell the scent of fermentation in the air. Locals say there is no other smell like it.

Wine Tasting During Harvest

While wine tasting, ask your wine host if they do “behind the scenes” tours of the winemaking cellars. Depending on how busy the team is, they may allow you to go into the cellar and try some wine straight out of the barrel. Visit Judd’s Hill on Silverado Trail for a fun and informal look at the winemaking process, or explore St. Supery for harvest tours (call ahead to reserve) of their cellar.

Dining During Harvest

Napa Valley cuisine focuses on seasonal and local ingredients, so look out for heirloom tomatoes, pork, butternut squash, figs, and pumpkin to be on the menu. Visit The Farmer & the Fox in St. Helena for a creative, seasonal menu, or Napa Riverfront in downtown Napa for riverside dining.

There is lots of excitement during harvest, but there are also a lot of travelers. Make sure to make reservations at your favorite Napa Valley restaurants and wineries to book your visits.

Events During Harvest

Many wineries have harvest events going on during the season. CLICK HERE to check out some of the top harvest events to attend in 2016 or search our Events Calendar!

No matter what you do during your visit to Napa Valley during harvest, there is something special about being a part of the action and learning more about the dedication Napa vineyard owners and winemakers have to growing grapes and making the wine you love.