When He Says Small Production He Means It: Holman Cellars

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  • on NOVEMBER 3, 2014
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Hard at work in his South Napa warehouse, Owner/Winemaker Jason Holman means it when he says he has a small production winery. Jason, and his wife Helen, handle day to day operations of their industrial chic boutique setup. Holman Cellars can be described as the quintessential “Garagiste” winery.
With a case production of only 400 per vintage there’s no wonder that there’s a buzz around this sought after wine. Reservations are required, which is great for you because if Jason knows you’re coming he’s likely bake homemade bread for you and your guests.

Cheers to the small producers!

WineCountry Tip: Jason and Helen are the proud parents of, Marina and Duke, because of this they understand the challenge of traveling and tasting with kids. They are happy to pull toys out of the closet if you’re traveling with your little one.


WineCountry Staff


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