Napa Valley Wineries & Hotels Affected by Glass Fire

By WineCountry Collective October 15, 2020

While Napa Valley’s devastating Glass Fire is nearly contained, thanks to the heroic efforts of our first responders risking their lives to save the Napa community, unfortunately many businesses were not able to make it through unscathed. The damage to some of Napa Valley’s most beloved and acclaimed wineries, resorts, and restaurants varies greatly, but there is no doubt all of these businesses will feel the effects of the Napa fire for years to come.

Though our Wine Country regions have faced fires and other natural disasters in the past and have consistently exhibited resiliency and strength, it doesn’t sting any less for the many people whose livelihoods have been lost or badly affected. In an effort to help you better understand what’s been damaged, as well as share ways you can support some of these businesses as they assess their losses and work to rebuild, here is a full list of all the Napa Valley wineries and hotels that have been damaged in the Glass Fire.

Remember, you may not be able to visit the majority of these establishments right now, but many of them are still offering wine to purchase online.


Barnett Vineyards

Fire damaged an upper deck, storage shed, and vineyards. Visit their website to purchase wine directly.

Behrens Family Winery

The winery burned, but the tank barn and tasting room there are still standing. Wines are currently offered by allocation.

Bremer Family Winery

The vineyard was burned, but its historic buildings (including an 1891 vintage structure that was the original headquarters of Sutter Home) survived. Visit their website to purchase wine or join the club.

Burgess Cellars

This Howell Mountain winery was completely destroyed, but damage to the vineyards was minimal. Contact them directly to inquire about wine.

Cain Vineyard and Winery

The Spring Mountain winery lost almost all its buildings, including its main winery and a barn built in the 1970s. Visit their site to inquire about purchasing wine.

Castello di Amorosa

Though they lost their wine storage building in the fire, the main castle structure survived undamaged and the winery is currently open for tastings.

Chateau Boswell

The winery was completely destroyed. Contact them to inquire about wine.

Cornell Vineyards

Lost three houses, but the tasting room remains. Visit their website to join the mailing list.

Davis Estates

The fire burned everything around the winery, however the winery building, tasting room, caves, and historic barn were saved. The winery has resumed tastings.

Dutch Henry Winery

The winery experienced extensive damage. Visit their website to inquire about wine.

Eeden Vineyards

The entire vineyard was destroyed. Contact them directly to inquire about purchasing wine.

Fairwinds Estate Winery

The tasting room sustained extensive damage and is currently closed. Visit their website to order wine for shipping.

Fantesca Estate

The fires reached the outdoor tasting deck and some equipment, but the winery and houses on the property were not impacted. The winery has resumed tastings.

Flying Lady Winery & Estate

The entire 13-acre winery was destroyed. Contact them directly to inquire about wine.

Hourglass Winery

The winery facility and 162-year-old guest house were lost. Contact the winery to inquire about wine.

Hunnicutt Wines

Landscaping and some winemaking equipment were lost, but the winery building survived. Wines are available to purchase online.

Merus Wines

A production building, some winemaking equipment, and one of the two residences on the property were destroyed. Wines are available to buy online.

Newton Vineyard

The majority of the winery was badly damaged. Visit their site to inquire about wine.

Paloma Vineyard

The property has been completely destroyed. Contact the winery directly to inquire about wine.

Phifer Pavitt Winery

The Glass Fire destroyed several structures on the property, but the winery survived. Current releases are available to buy online.

Ritchie Creek Vineyard

The Spring Mountain winery was badly damaged, including its winery and a storage building that contained most of its wine.

School House Vineyard

A house on the property was destroyed. Wines are available to purchase online.

Sherwin Family Vineyards

The 24-year-old family-owned Spring Mountain winery was destroyed. Contact the winery directly to inquire about wine.

Spring Mountain Vineyards

The main winery, caves, and mansion survived, but the vineyard and an 1873-era winery building were lost. Visit their website to purchase wine.

Sterling Vineyards

The property suffered damage, though the winery building and tram are still intact. A reopening date has yet to be determined.

Teachworth Wines

The Mountain House and a good portion of the forest surrounding their vineyards has been lost. The wines are available to purchase online.

Terra Valentine

The winery’s Lookout House was lost, but the vineyards were not damaged. Visit their website to purchase wine.

Tofanelli Family Vineyard

The majority of the vineyards as well as a 120-year-old barn were lost, in addition to the winery’s family home. Contact the winery directly to inquire about wine.


Black Rock Inn

This St. Helena inn was lost to the Glass Fire and is permanently closed.

Calistoga Ranch

The resort was completely destroyed and is closed indefinitely. Auberge Resorts is currently accepting donations to The Auberge Assistance Fund, created to help employees who are facing financial hardships due to the impacts of the fires.

Meadowood Resort

The building that housed the three-Michelin-starred Restaurant at Meadowood, the Grill at Meadowood, and a golf shop was completely destroyed. Many of the guest accommodations remain intact but the resort is closed indefinitely.

White Sulfur Springs (home of the Hoffman Estate)

The historic 45-acre retreat lost 17 of their 20 buildings.

Looking to further show your support for Napa after the Glass Fire? Read our CEO’s message of hope, featuring ways you can immediately help the Napa Valley community.

Please note: The information above was gathered from extensive research and reputable sources. Should any of the details included be incorrect, please contact us to let us know. Thank you for showing your support for our Napa Valley community.