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With the JCB Collection, jewelry is much more than a simple object - it is a treasure trove full of encapsulates a taste for life's pleasures inspired by the ultimate elixir - the gift of the gods to mankind - wine. Our creations have the ability to cast magic spells, inspire wonder and stimulate interactions. As Stendhal said, 'Beauty is nothing other than the promise of happiness.' Our collection has a unique style; its purpose is to bring vitality, energy, dynamism, electricity and magnetic forces to a centerpiece. It symbolizes who we are and, more importantly, how we want to be seen. To meet the ideal so dear to Baudelaire: "to be richer than life's flat truth" is to get closer to the timeless and sculptural beauty of superior seduction.

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JCB Collection


Adorn yourself with pieces from JCB's private jewelry collection.

JCB Collection

The Grape

The most spiritual and romantic fruit of all time... It brings abundance, perfection, proximity, illumination, inspiration, and meaning to everything Jean-Charles has the pleasure to do.

JCB Collection

The Rose

The symbol of love, beauty and compassion... They always adorn our vineyards and represent reason and virtue. Our Natural Beauty collection symbolizes divine love.

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JCB Collection
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