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With the JCB Collection, jewelry is much more than a simple object - it is a treasure trove full of encapsulates a taste for life's pleasures inspired by the ultimate elixir - the gift of the gods to mankind - wine. Our creations have the ability to cast magic spells, inspire wonder and stimulate interactions. As Stendhal said, 'Beauty is nothing other than the promise of happiness.' Our collection has a unique style; its purpose is to bring vitality, energy, dynamism, electricity and magnetic forces to a centerpiece. It symbolizes who we are and, more importantly, how we want to be seen. To meet the ideal so dear to Baudelaire: "to be richer than life's flat truth" is to get closer to the timeless and sculptural beauty of superior seduction.

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JCB Collection
6505 Washington S, Yountville CA 94599
(707) 934-8237

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