Join us behind the scenes as we seek out the experiences that make Napa Valley special.


10 Things to Do on a Summer Vacation in Napa Valley

by WC STAFF on APRIL 19, 2016

Northern California isn’t a place where you’ll find an unattractive time of year, but summertime is when this part of the world truly shines. If your travels take you to Napa Valley during the warmer months, pack appropriately: be sure to bring a hat, some sunscreen, a trusty pair of shades, and most of all, a taste for adventure. Here are some favorites the locals swear by, and visitors have come to love.

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Your Guide to Napa Valley on a Budget

by WC STAFF on APRIL 11, 2016

Although Napa Valley has become increasingly synonymous with luxurious and elevated experiences, there are still plenty of deals and hidden experiences available for the savvy. This down-to-earth guide includes some of the most charming destinations and activities for the budget-minded traveler, without any skimping on the quality.

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10 Must-Stop Shops in Yountville

by WC STAFF on MARCH 2, 2016

Yountville is famous for its world-class culinary delights—legendary chef Thomas Keller owns three restaurants in this tiny town—but it’s also a mecca for Napa Valley shopping. The concentration of one-of-a-kind boutiques filled with stylish clothing, jewelry, bath products, and more will make any shopaholic swoon.

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8 Enjoyable Things to Do in Calistoga

by WC STAFF on JANUARY 21, 2016

If you need proof that the Napa Valley is more than just wineries and vineyards, look no further than Calistoga. Walking down Lincoln Street instills a sense of how a small Wild West town might have felt; in a lot of ways, Calistoga is the last frontier in the Napa Valley, and its slow evolution from a sleepy old western town to the present day remains its greatest distinction from the rest of the valley. There’s no ego here, and no need for pretense: just a small, charming town with a lot to offer.

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Yountville: A Traveler’s Guide

by WC STAFF on JANUARY 19, 2016

What makes Yountville so special is that it manages to provide so much culture and sophistication without losing any of its small-town charm. You could spend a week visiting some of the top restaurants and tasting rooms Napa Valley offers, and never come across the same place twice, without ever leaving the city limits. No matter how long the visit, this list will help you to plan out your trip.

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The Best Date Night Spots in Napa Valley

by WC STAFF on JANUARY 12, 2016

For a first date, something lively might be in order. For a fifth date, a dash of candle-lit intimacy sounds appropriate. For a fifth anniversary? An old standard with sentimental value. Whatever the romantic occasion, Napa Valley hosts a variety of restaurants known for their cozy aesthetics, stellar food, and of course, world-class wines. Here’s a short-list of some perennial favorites for whichever iteration of date night you have in mind.

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9 Unique Winery Pairings to Test Your Palette

by WC STAFF on JANUARY 5, 2016

Napa Valley excels in many things, but the two most important (and delicious) are wine and food. Many Napa Valley wineries put these two together for unforgettable experiences that will elevate your taste buds to a level that wine or food alone cannot achieve. We’ve collected some of the best wine and food pairings in the Napa Valley for you below, so prepare to drool. A lot.

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