Soak In Calistoga: Hotels With Mineral Pools

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If you’re looking to soak in the natural wonders of Calistoga’s world famous mineral water look no more. The eclectic town is home to a plethora of lodging opportunities. Home to hotels that include options from funky mud to swanky spas Calistoga really does have it all.

If You’re Looking For Water: Calistoga Spa Hot Springs
Calistoga Spa Hot Springs Spa 1
While all the resorts on this list will have wonderful mineral pools for you to relax in, Calistoga Spa Hot Springs seems to take the cake when it comes to water relaxation. With four mineral pools, and a sun deck, the pool area of Calistoga Spa Hot Springs is certainly where you want to spend your time if you’re looking to soak.

If You’re Looking For Mud: Golden Haven Hot Springs and Resort
Couple soaking in mud at Golden Haven Mud

Get ready to get dirty as you are covered in a detoxifying combination of clay, peat and hot springs mineral water. We promise the mud will leave your skin feeling soft and renewed.

Full List of Hotels in Calistoga


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